Touchless parking

It allows drivers to pre-book and pay for their parking sessions online straight from their phone.

Touchless parking has become quite popular after the pandemic with people looking for safer alternatives in crowded places like parking lots. Parking through an app is a prevalent practice now with lots of parking apps flooding the market. It was shown that in the UK, only 16% drivers prefer cash to pay for parking, while the rest prefer contactless methods like QR or a parking app.

What are the benefits of touchless parking?

Touchless parking makes things easier for the operator, too. Once you digitize your parking lot, a lot of things can be automated and streamlined so that it requires no human involvement at all, making it an investment with great returns. With modern retrofit technology, they can stay well within their budget with plug-n-play, off-the-shelf upgrades that fit seamlessly into their existing traditional equipment.

With smart parking management software, operators can keep track of all their locations in one place. The app is an easy way for operators to inform the parkers about their operating hours, parking rates and rules, offers and more. People can use the app to find, book and pay for parking, with added perks like lightning-fast access via LPR/RFID and possibly digital permits that makes the process even faster.

Get My Parking sets up touchless parking at pocket-friendly prices.

Here’s how our platform can upgrade your location:

  • Perfect the parking experience
    A white-labeled app to use and pay for your services. Touchless parking at its finest.
  • Ticketless entry and exit
    Our PlugNPlay solutions automate and digitize your traditional parking lot.
  • Go app-less with QR - scan and pay
    Parkers scan a QR code to pay online on a white-labeled web app.
  • Maximize your profitability and productivity
    A set of powerful admin tools to help you manage and optimize your parking business and boost revenue.

Get My Parking's scalable smart parking software is designed to set up touchless parking for you at pocket-friendly prices.